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Have you ever seen the reaction children have to a giant pile of LEGOs®? Owning a Brixday Party franchise gives you the opportunity to own and operate a business that brings joy and entertainment to children, families, birthday parties, fund-raisers, and corporate team building events. Brixday Party is a brand new concept that combines the appeal of LEGOs® with the desire to exercise creativity and imagination. Our franchise delivers a unique model that inspires people to learn while having fun. With our simple to use process you get to be the LEGO® people and provide a one-of-a-kind experience that will keep your customers entertained for hours.

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First of It’s Kind

Brixday Party is the nation’s first toy rental company that specializes in bulk LEGOs®. Our goal is to provide a simple and easy way to start building. LEGOs® provide an amazing opportunity for children to develop their imagination, fine motor skills, and problem solving abilities but they don’t always have the blocks they need to build what they want. Brixday Party offers an affordable alternative to purchasing expensive sets through our convenient and easy to use process.  Interested in our franchise? Call today, (661) 378-2797

What We Offer

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Customizable Packages
for parties, game nights, corporate, or nonprofit events

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Monthly Subscription Services
for long term users

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Franchise Builders Wanted

At Brixday Party we are in love with LEGOs® and are passionate about the creativity and imagination that LEGOs® can unlock in people of all ages. We are dedicated to providing the opportunity for children to have unlimited access to the LEGOs® of their dreams.

With our simple process, a love of LEGOs® and great customer service our franchisees can also have the opportunity to bring such a meaningful service to the children in their community. We are always looking to expand our Brixday Party family with people who get as excited about LEGOs® as we do.  Interested in our franchise? Call today, (661) 378-2797


Here is How YOU Become a Brixday Party Franchisee, in 4 easy steps:

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1. Get Information & Share a Little Bit About Yourself
Submit “Building Permit” and get FDD agreement

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2. Approval Process
Sign FDD agreement and pay franchise fee (see below)

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3. Training
2-day training process

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4. Grand Opening
Congratulations! It’s time to open your first franchise store. Welcome to the Brixday Party family!

Pricing & Cost Requirements:

Franchise Fee- $5,000
Continuous License Fee- 8%
Marketing Fee- 2%
Capital Investment- $2,500 – $10,000

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Building Permit

Of you may choose to download the PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to hire employees?
Not necessarily, a Brixday party franchise can be easily owner operated and managed. If you choose to have additional employees they can be easily trained by you on our simple process.
Do I need a retail location?
A physical storefront is not required to operate a Brixday party franchise. We recommend a minimum of 30-120 square feet for your operation which can easily fit into most spare rooms or home offices.
Can this be done in my spare time while working a full time job?
As a franchise owner operator you set your business hours of operation and control scheduling of delivery times. If you choose, the Brixday business model can be operated on either a part time or full time basis.
Do I need experience to operate a Brixday Party Franchise?
No previous experience is necessary. Although, we recommend a sales or service oriented background, our training program and assistance will provide all the skills you will need to successfully establish, market, and operate your Brixday party franchise.
Why should I open a Brixday Party Franchise instead of starting my own company?
Starting a company from a concept can be a difficult and time consuming process. It requires extensive preparation and planning with no help or guidance. At Brixday party we have done all the hard work to establish and maintain a marketable brand image and service that can be replicated with minimal capital investment and training. We are continuously improving our services, marketing material, and product lines to meet the demands of a rapidly developing market place. We do the full time work, so that you can operate a business in your spare time.
Do you offer financing?
At this time, Brixday Party does not assist with financing, but we do have funding sources we can refer you to.

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